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HIPAA Security

Secure HIPAA Compliant 2-way texting

We provide multiple layers of security and encryption to meet and exceed the security standards required for medical practices. 

Our software includes secure messaging for medical conversations and document transfer. Get unlimited messages with Curogram iOS or Android mobile patient apps.



Provide patients with affordable, convenient access to medical care, enabling modern communication between doctors and patients. 

Create your own virtual online clinic and start seeing your patients via laptop, tablet, or phone.

SMS 2 Way texting

Automated Appointment Reminders and Confirmations

Send friendly, automated, and customizable text & voicemail reminders to your patients — reducing the time your staff spends on the phone. Our smart appointment reminder system also allows you to set multiple reminders, choose the time of day to send the messages, and send patients customizable content-rich reminders.

Online Payment

Electronic Payment

Improve patients’ financial experiences and keep your patient balances current by making payments easy. You and your staff can communicate more proactively, and patients can receive and pay their bills on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

EMR Integration

Seamless EMR/EHR Integration

Curogram has a patented proprietary integration that works with any EMR/EHR, seamlessly sharing patient healthcare data from one electronic system to another. Our software works with the EMR you already use.

mass messaging

Mass Messaging

Curogram saves time and headaches by offering a mass text messaging service with all the features you need without compromising simplicity. Send your mass text right away, or schedule it to send out exactly when you want your audience to receive it.

Intake Forms

Automated Patient Intake Forms

Text your patients secure online intake forms customized for your practice. Patients can fill out forms on their phones from the comfort of their homes. This saves patients time, so they don’t need to arrive 30 minutes early, and it unclutters your waiting room. Patients love it as their smartphone pre-populates most fields.

Medical Team

HIPAA - Secure Staff Messaging     

Curogram includes unlimited direct messaging, group chat, and office-to-office messaging. Communicate with your internal team to reduce wasted time on the phone and running between offices. Set up group chats to discuss a specific recurring topic, collaborate on a new project, or connect with a team.

automated messages

Mass Messages on Autopilot

Simplify communication with patients with secure automated messaging. Schedule personalized medical texts in seconds and send them when needed: hourly, daily, or weekly. Reach out to customers at the right time and automate critical SMS messaging with Curogram.
Five Star Reviews

Reputation Management

Send automated, simple text surveys and Google rating requests. Simple one-line text surveys identify your happy patients so they can give you 5-star ratings in one click.

Single Source of Truth

Single Source of Truth

Curogram is a comprehensive, secure patient engagement platform. Using a single platform that does it all helps avoid hacking and ransom risks.

Local Phone Number

Local Phone Number

Get a local phone number — not an automated system number — to show your patient there’s a live person on the other end of the text.