ABC Family Practice

Family Practitioner, Imaging Center
929, Los Angeles, CA 90035 +1 (480) 418-2236


Family Practitioner
2220 2220 East 1st Street, Los Angeles, California

Aret Akian MD

Family Practitioner
1711 1711 West Temple Street ##5662,,5662,,, Los Angeles, California

Bochare Telemed LLC

Family Practitioner
335 335 Biscayne Boulevard Way, Miami, Florida

Cardin Gill

Family Practitioner, Internist
231 231 West Vernon Avenue ##101,,101,,, Los Angeles, California

Channell Family Medical Group, Inc.

OB/GYN, Family Practitioner, Nutritionist
8008 Haven Avenue #Suite 100, Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730 +1 (909) 646-4862

Dr. Norma L. Cavazos-Salas and Associates

Family Practitioner
2121 East Griffin Parkway #6, Mission, Texas 78572 +1 (956) 277-9611

Drake Healthcare

Family Practitioner
310 310 Harbor Pointe Drive, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Family and Urgent Care Medical Center

Family Practitioner, Physical Therapy, Primary Care Physician, Urgent Care
#Suite B, , 90027 +1 (323) 303-3932

Gardens Medical Center

Family Practitioner
7218 7218 Garfield Avenue, Bell Gardens, California +1 (562) 364-7614

Gulfbank Medical Center

Family Practitioner
302 West Road, Houston, Texas 77038 +1 (346) 244-5631


Family Practitioner
1762 1762 Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California

Inglewood Medical

Family Practitioner
4450 4450 West Century Boulevard, Inglewood, California

Julio Guzman Medical Group

Family Practitioner
4214 4214 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, California

Kleynberg Medical Clinic

Family Practitioner
6221 6221 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California

Mahfooz Peshimam, M.D.

Family Practitioner, Primary Care Physician
10900 10900 Warner Avenue, Fountain Valley, California

New Foundation Medical Group

Family Practitioner
1101 1101 Bryan Avenue, Tustin, California

New Foundation Medical Group

Family Practitioner
1101 1101 Bryan Avenue, Tustin, California

Paja Medical Group

Family Practitioner
1800 1800 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California

Prestige Medical Center

Internist, Physical Therapy, Family Practitioner
7855 7855 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, California

Pro Medical Network

Family Practitioner
1109 1109 Slauson Lane, Redondo Beach, California

Radar Medical

Family Practitioner
2628 2628 West Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada

Reseda Family Medicine and Urgent Care

Urgent Care, Family Practitioner
6830 6830 Reseda Boulevard, Los Angeles, California

Richard Van Meter, MD

Family Practitioner
520 520 Superior Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

Robert Wedemann

Family Practitioner
4727 4727 West 147th Street, Lawndale, California

Robertson medical center

Family Practitioner
1115 1115 Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles, California

Shafa Medical Center

Family Practitioner
15775 15775 Laguna Canyon Road, Irvine, California

Shore Physicians Group - Bethel Road

Family Practitioner
401-405 401-405 Bethel Road, Somers Point, New Jersey

Shore Physicians Group - North Field

Family Practitioner
2605 2605 Shore Road, Northfield, New Jersey


Family Practitioner
11900 11900 South Avalon Boulevard, Los Angeles, California