Front Desk Suite

Curogram Front Desk Suite offers all the necessary patient communication features you need to
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Reduce patient
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Increase patient
Reduce overhead expense & wasted time on the phone
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Local Business Text Number
Real local phone number to use for texting.
Stop using your personal cell phone to text your patients!  Get a company text number and manage all your messages from our simple web dashboard or through the Curogram mobile app.
Appointment Reminders
Automated 2-Way Smart-Text-Message reminders.
  • Send personalized 2-Way Text Appointment Reminders from your free business text number provided to you by Curogram! Don’t settle for low quality 1-way text reminders with limited functionality. Let your patients respond with their questions and get them in for that appointment!
  • Every office situation is different.  Our Smart Reminder System also allows you to set multiple reminders, choose the time of day to send your reminders, and sends patients customizable content-rich reminders.
Patient Text Messaging
2-Way SMS texting with your patients. Use text messages to send appointment reminders, driving directions, simple surveys and Yelp/Google Review requests.
  • Patients are busy with meetings, kids, shopping, etc.  A simple text from your office allows your patient to respond on their own time, whenever they are free.  Also, patients prefer to text rather than sit on hold on the phone for even 15 seconds.
  • Link your Curogram text number to your Google business profile so patients searching for you can text you directly!
HIPAA-Secure Patient Messaging
2-way secure messaging for medical conversations and document transfer. Unlimited messages with use of Curogram iOS or Android Mobile Patient App
  • Physicians can message patients directly to deliver concierge level care.
  • Patients can download the Curogram Mobile Patient App for free (available for iOS and Android)
  • Physicians can use the Curogram Web Dashboard or Mobile Provider App
Surveys and Rating Requests
Automated simple text surveys and Yelp/Google rating requests.
  • Send patients simple one-line text surveys to identify your happy patients so they can rate you with 5-stars in one click. Customers using Curogram’s simple survey and rating system are getting 5-10 Five-Star reviews per month!
  • Get notified of unhappy patients ASAP so you can prevent that hard to reverse bad review.
Electronic Patient Forms
Text your patients secure online intake forms customized for your practice.
  • Send patients online forms to save them time in your lobby.
  • Patients can fill out forms on their phone from the comfort of their home. This saves patients time so they don’t need to arrive 30 minutes early, and it unclutters your waiting room!
Online Appointment Booking
Add online appointment booking to your own website.
Increase patient traffic by allowing patients to book appointments online directly from your website or on your free Curogram directory page.
HIPAA-Secure Staff Messaging
Unlimited Direct Messaging, Group Chat, and Office-to-Office Messaging
Communicate with your internal team to reduce wasted time on the phone and running between offices.  Set up Group Chats to discuss a specific recurring topic, collaborate on a new project, or to connect with a team.
Desktop and Mobile
Use Curogram on your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone.
  • Use the web dashboard on any desktop or laptop computer.
  • Use the Curogram Mobile Provider App on iOS or Android to monitor patient communication with the office or communicate with your staff while out of the office

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