Text Based Productivity Tools

One Click Eligibility Check

Check patient’s insurance eligibility with one click—input patient name and insurance ID, one click and you’re done!

Automatic Appointment Reminder

Reduce no-shows and phone calls with appointment requests and reminders sent directly to patient cellphones. Patients can text replies confirming appointments, decline them or request alternate dates and times.

Electronnic Referral

Curogram’s physician referrals text specialist’s info to the patient, and email patient’s info to the specialist. It is more efficient than handing a business card to the patient; specialists are notified about referrals and can follow through.

Document & Image Sharing

HIPAA-compliant transfer of documents and images through the cloud is simpler than email, without the klunkiness of attached files. Store, organize and share medical info—doctor to doctor, or doctor to patient—from one central location, instead of spread out among email, chat, faxes, etc.

HIPAA Compliant Communication

Simple Messaging

Curogram streamlines communication with HIPAA-compliant messaging to patients, internal staff and other medical offices. Office staff send and receive messages through any computer web browser—messages are transmitted to patient cellphones as text.

Mass Messaging

Promote your services with marketing messages broadcast to your patient’s cellphones, including targeted marketing based on demographics such as age and gender.

Online Reputation Optimization

Curogram helps manage consumer reviews (Yelp, ZocDoc, etc.), with follow-up messaging requesting reviews for positive service, and encouraging direct contact in the event of an unsatisfactory visit instead of posting flaming reviews.

One Solution for Every Platform

Payment Processing

Charge patient credit cards through Curogram, or request for payment via text message.

Mass Patient Import

Quickly import patient cellphone numbers from your EMR into Curogram, and save your staff the burden of manually migrating data to Curogram.

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