Clinically Integrated Networks

Universal Communications Platform for Clinically Integrated Networks

Curogram simplifies the connection between health systems using a centralized Tier 1 EMR and independent physicians using various Tier 2 EMRs in a Clinically Integrated Network.

Curogram’s software solution sits on top of independent medical practice EMRs and functions as:

  • Front-office productivity software
  • Patient engagement software
  • An EMR-agnostic communications plug-in

Independent practices want to use Curogram in their practice as a stand-alone software given the cost-saving and revenue-generating benefits Curogram provides as a software tool for the practice. This positive view of Curogram is often in contrast to the negative view independent practices have of the parent health system’s EMR. Independent practices do not want to adopt an expensive Tier 1 system EMR given the higher costs and increased complexity of these software packages. They want to have the freedom to use whatever Tier 2 EMR suits their business the best. Curogram syncs critical data with these Tier 2 EMRs and sits on top of them as a universal communications layer, resulting in only one layer of integration required for the parent health system.

“In-Network” Cloud-Based Referral System

The Curogram Cloud Referral System integrates with scheduling systems of your various diagnostic and ambulatory care service centers, and enables referring practices to help patients book appointments with those service centers on the spot.

Benefits of the Curogram Cloud Referral System:

  • Increase revenue for your diagnostic and ambulatory care centers by streamlining the referral process.
  • Curogram integrates with the scheduling software of your different service centers.
  • Publish service center availabilities to the Curogram Cloud, enabling other practices in your network to book appointments directly at the time of referral.
  • Publish availabilities with intelligent business and clinical logic such as ensuring appointments are booked at the proper locations (i.e. if different locations have different equipment or staff).
  • Patients are automatically brought into the referral loop through simple text communication, including appointment status updates, maps, pre-appointment checklists, and appointment reminders.

Reduce patient leakage with a positive cycle of referral from Employed and Affiliated practices

Because Curogram is also amazing Front Desk productivity software for your individual practices, your Employed practices and Independent practices will want to use the software. With all your practices utilizing the same communications interface, they can easily make referrals to each other, creating a positive reinforcing cycle of referral, increasing revenue for the entire network.